1. Velocity gives your Windows desktop offline access to over 150 API documentation sets provided by...

  2. Guidewire PolicyCenter empowers property and casualty insurers to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry with efficient underwriting and agile policy.

  3. Summit delivers news that matters to you, but with a twist. As a news aggregation software, breaking stories are collected, summarized and visually grafted into interesting infographics to keep you updated on current events while on-the-go.

  4. Benefit administration and claims management software

  5. Vlocity Health Insurance Cloud supports large & small group, individual qualified health plans, medicare lines of business.

  6. SmartCompliance is a secure, online dashboard for managing insurance certificate and contract documents, data and compliance.

  7. VPAS Life enables online access to information about your life insurance products.

  8. iFoundryTMRating Engine is a modern rating engine that helps with modeling and managing proprietary rate plans and ISO rates.

  9. A community-curated repository of learning resources

  10. CCC

    CallidusCloud Commissions eliminates costly payment errors with automated commission calculation, models the impact of new incentives and plans resulting in cash allocation, and manages retroactive changes to compensation plans.