1. Real-time Image Processing. Resize, crop, and process images on the fly, simply by changing their URLs.

  2. S

    Simple, fast, customizable uploads from your web app to S3

  3. OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a library of programming functions for real time computer...

  4. Cloudinary is a cloud-based service for hosting videos and images designed specifically with the needs of web and mobile developers in mind.

  5. SCV

    SimpleCV is an open source framework for building computer vision applications.

  6. Effortless moderation of user-submitted photos. Instantly detect nudity and adult content with our easy-to-use API, for a fraction of the cost of human moderation

  7. Kraken is a robust, ultra-fast image optimizer. Thanks to its vast array of optimization algorithms Kraken is a world ahead of other tools. Want to save bandwidth and improve your website's load times? Look no further and welcome to Kraken!

  8. Optimize and resize images online and through your CMS.

  9. Next open source file uploader for web browsers

  10. CloudFlare can be used by anyone with a website and their own domain, regardless of your choice in platform

  11. Cloudimage.io is the easiest way to resize, host, compress, optimise and deliver your images to your customers through rocket fast CDNs Faster images increase conversion and sales