1. Mobilize is a scalable messaging app built for large groups.

  2. The all-in-one community platform.

  3. The world's first platform for leaders, handcrafted from scratch to help you grow your community and lead them to action.

  4. Build a community website with the leading forum software, vBulletin 5 Connect, or in the cloud on vB Cloud!

  5. Ning is the social platform for the worlds interests and passions online.

  6. Think Passenger builds online platforms that allow brands to connect, create and communicate with key stakeholders.

  7. Private, secure online communities that stimulate conversation and ignite engagement.

  8. Telligent Systems provides an enterprise-grade social community suite that connects with customers, prospects, partners and employees.

  9. Spot.IM offers a set of tools and technology for your online community management.

  10. Hoop.la is a customizable and easy-to-use Enterprise social community.

  11. Salesforce Community Cloud is an online community platform.

  12. MediaRoom helps marketing and communications professionals share information and build relationships with multiple audiences.