1. Social selling and employee advocacy software designed to help employees become powerful marketers, sellers, and recruiters.

  2. Officevibe is an employee survey platform with the mission of improving company culture. Measure and improve your culture in less than 5 minutes per month, with our simple surveys.

  3. Plasticity is a survey and engagement platform to measure and improve workplace culture, employee well-being, and performance.

  4. Mobile and web platforms for employees to order freshly-prepared lunches from selected local restaurants.

  5. Workmates provides team engagement, collaboration and productivity platform for modern enterprises.

  6. Espresa is a cloud platform and service provider network that improves work-life balance for employees.

  7. IncentFit get employees to exercise and live an active lifestyle by using financial and social incentives.

  8. 15Five software elevates the performance and engagement of employees by consistently asking questions and starting the right conversations.

  9. Shape Up is a Fitness, Single and Multiplayer video game created and published by Ubisoft.

  10. UnderstandBetter is an AI driven employee engagement platform providing actionable insights with data-driven components like eNPS, SATS, etc

  11. Improve employee engagement and create an open, honest company culture of feedback by consistently asking important questions and starting the right conversations.

  12. change negative life patterns (themes in thinking, and the related emotions and behaviours)