1. Norbert is an online tool that helps you to find anyone’s corporate email address.

  2. Real-time email verification and cleaning to ensure emails never bounce.

  3. Quickly validate and verify your email lists.

  4. Email Validation & Email Verification reduces bounce rates up to 98%. Rapidly verifying email addresses has never been easier, just drag drop and deliver!

  5. An application to clean your subscription list from bounces, and enrich data with the customers

  6. Find all the email addresses related to a domain

  7. Clean up your large mailing lists before you use them. Clean list increases your reputation in MailChimp, AWeber, or Campayn.

  8. Verify your email address lists with our drag and drop interface, or integrate into your app with our API. Prevent fake and bot account sign-ups by confirming your users are real humans with a real email address.