1. S

    Email signature marketing

  2. Email signature generator

  3. WiseStamp allows you to easily create and implement slick and unique email signatures for your business.

  4. A messaging app that helps you grow your business.

  5. X

    Xink is a comprehensive email signature management and campaign tool designed specifically for the needs of marketers.

  6. Document assembly & management software

  7. MySignature is FREE Email Signature Generator that helps to create Professional Signatures for major email clients such as Outlook, Gmail...

  8. htmlsig.com makes it easy to generate email signatures without any HTML coding skills.

  9. Maildoodler allows you to centrally manage all of the employees e-mail signatures.

  10. Gimmio is a FREE Email Signature Generator.

  11. Easy Cut Studio is a vinyl cutting software to design and cut signs, logos, lettering, shapes, and decals. 

  12. Gartner delivers technology research to global technology business leaders to make informed decisions on key initiatives.