1. RecRight brings recruitment to the 21st century with intuitive, all-in-one recruitment tool with ATS and video interviews all in one place!

  2. Shine is Video Interviewing and Pre-Hire Screening Software

  3. SEEK Video Screen provides you with a quick and easy way to review a candidate’s presentation, motivation & cultural fit in order to simplify the early stages of your recruitment process.

  4. Hiring Automation and assessment suite of applications , for multifaceted automated hiring

  5. Video interviews, recruiting tools, assessments & coaching all in one platform. Let HireVue transform the way you discover, hire and develop talent with Video Intelligence.

  6. Montage is the perfect way to bring your photos to life. Give it as a gift, show it off on your coffee table, or use it to relive life's best moments.

  7. VidCruiter is a digital, mobile and video recruiting software.

  8. WP

    WePow is an online video interviewing platform.

  9. Tazio creates tailor-made aptitude tests, situational judgement tests, video interviews to objectively identify the best candidates.

  10. Revolutionise your recruitment with TribePad's award-winning Applicant Tracking System, onboarding & Video interviewing used by leading brands such as the BBC & Tesco. Millions of applicants handled a year, worldwide. Save time & money with TribePad.


  11. LinkedIn Recruiter is a recruiting tool to hire talent from LinkedIn.

  12. EasyHire.me is a cloud-based video interview platform that enables the talent management team to conduct consistent, efficient and professional job interviews.