1. Online pre-employment assessment solution

  2. Wonderlic offers pre-employment tests and student selection assessments.

  3. Prevue offers pre-employment assessment and applicant tracking system solutions.

  4. HackerEarth provides technical recruitment solutions for talent sourcing and skill assessment.

  5. Kaggle offers innovative business results and solutions to companies.

  6. Criteria offers comprehensive web-based pre-employment testing solutions.

  7. Geektastic is a platform that manages peer reviewed code challenges supported by a community of qualified software engineers.

  8. Mettl is a #SaaS based Online #Assessment Platform which helps you measure a candidate's #Aptitude, #Technical skills & conduct

  9. Pre-employment testing for what matters most, judgment - not personality. Make better hiring decisions. Affordable for large and small companies.

  10. SkillSurvey Reference™ is the leading online reference checking solution that provides insight into future job performance.

  11. eSkill is a pre-employment screening and assessment software.

  12. Credential OnDemand automates candidate referencing and privileging