1. Glossier's new dialed-up sister brand

  2. A

    Making natural haircare simple

  3. SVA

    Instantly try on any makeup, virtually

  4. Instant Native Prototypes. Form lets you build custom native prototypes directly on the device.

  5. PS

    Personalized, data-powered skin care

  6. EPD

    Design your own custom eyeshadow palette

  7. The new beauty essentials: easy-to-use skincare and makeup

  8. Marketplace to discover and book in-store beauty services

  9. DRN

    Renews and nourishes for a luminous morning skin

  10. A smart hairbrush. The future of hair care.

  11. A makeup database, search every foundation on the market.

  12. OB

    Your monthly dose of black girl magic