1. HA

    AI-powered personal skincare

  2. DRN

    Renews and nourishes for a luminous morning skin

  3. BBT

    Find out what your brows reveal about your feelings with AI

  4. SVA

    Instantly try on any makeup, virtually

  5. Glossier's new dialed-up sister brand

  6. RMT

    Customized shaving for $5 per year

  7. EPD

    Design your own custom eyeshadow palette

  8. PS

    Personalized, data-powered skin care

  9. App to detect skin cancer - with 70%+ accuracy

  10. Book trending beauty treatments 💇🏻💅🏾

  11. PP

    Honest reviews of organic skincare and beauty products

  12. F

    Body care for women with hair