1. AI-powered sentiment analysis & text mining for app reviews and customer feedback. Appbot helps Product, Marketing & Support teams improve faster.

  2. A simple way to see, explore, and collaborate on data

  3. Get notified when someone leaves a review about your company.

  4. The Beta Family is a crowdsourcing platform for beta testing iOS and Android applications.

  5. LaunchKit is a collection of simple, useful tools for people who create mobile apps.

  6. A macOS app that simplifies recording and producing marketing videos for your mobile, web and desktop apps.

  7. TestLauncher provides crowdsourced QA and managed dedicated QA teams 24/7.

  8. ArgusQ performs spec reviews for product management organizations to identify critical issues in...

  9. ARB

    Get new iOS App Store reviews in Slack as soon as they happen. Unlimited apps, every country.

  10. Easily create beautiful and localized iOS and Android screenshots

  11. P

    Generate realistic product shots in seconds