1. eXelate is a provider of data technology powering the digital marketing ecosystem.

  2. Ace Metrix is a technology company that measures the impact of video advertising.

  3. Affdex provides advertisement measurement through advanced facial analysis.

  4. Save up to 30% of your Google Ads spend by protecting yourself with PPC Protect. #1 click fraud protection service for Google Ads advertisers. 30 day free trial.

  5. The MarketShare DecisionCloud is a platform for cross channel attribution, planning and allocation, benchmarking, pricing and more.

  6. ClickCease is a click fraud detection and protection solution.

  7. Clickguard is an advanced click fraud detection and protection to boost conversions & maximize PPC performance ROI on Google Ads.

  8. Vungle helps mobile application developers promote and monetize their apps through in-app video trailers.

  9. Moat is a SaaS-based search engine for display ads, enabling users to find and discover their favorite brands.

  10. Adobe Audience Manager is a data management platform that integrates online and offline data to deliver a unified view of all your audiences

  11. Smaato is a mobile-first platform and free ad server for publishers & app developers.