1. Try image Optimizer. Compress and optimize image,PDF,MP3 by w2e image compressor. Resize image, compress image by lossy/lossless image optimization.

  2. Cloudimage.io is the easiest way to resize, store, and deliver your images to your customers through a rocket fast CDN.

  3. iLoveIMG is one of most powerful solution that comes with all the major tool you cloud want to edit images in bulk.

  4. Dramatically compress JPG and PNG Images, convert PSD to JPG

  5. Powerful and affordable visual recognition API

  6. Play MAME on your TV Arcade Monitor or Fixed Frequency Monitor

  7. Crunch is an OS X tool for PNG image file optimization.

  8. PictureBeaver is a WSH script for batch optimization PNG/JPEG/GIF images using...

  9. Compress your pictures up to 90% without visible quality loss.

  10. Overcome the image resolution limit on iOS devices

  11. Imgsquash is an online image compressor website for JPG and PNG files with support for bulk compression and parallel uploading.

  12. ImageVision provides image and video recognition solutions.