1. 🏢 Meeting room displays for Cloud and On-Premises

  2. Launcher which will speed up work with your Mac.

  3. The developer-friendly scheduling & booking solution

  4. Robin coordinates meeting spaces, people, and things in your office. Complete with analytics and insights that uncover usage and help optimize space.

  5. Déterminez clairement l’objectif et informez vos collègues par courriel afin qu’ils soient bien préparés lors de vos réunions. Préparez vos réunions plus rapidement à l’aide d’un modèle d’ordre du jour.

  6. Amazon purchasing for Slack teams

  7. Amazon search on steroids. Advanced search & sort options.

  8. Aggregating all Amazon products linked from Reddit

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  10. Fastest way to find your next Amazon products to sell

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