1. FunnelCake is a marketing analytics platform that gives you insights about your buyer, marketing performance, and lead velocity.

  2. IBM Digital Analytics Impression Attribution is a reporting solution that helps to optimize impression based marketing initiatives and justify budgets.

  3. AttributeApp is a native Salesforce.com app delivering out of the box, customizable Pardot multi-touch attribution reporting for marketers.

  4. OptimaHub MediaAttribution is an independent full-service media attribution platform that understand how each touch point impacts sales to optimise media budgets and deliver experiences.

  5. Polytab is an audience measurement and tracking technology used for attribution, spend guidance and trend forecasting.

  6. Show the right product to the right user at the right time

  7. Placed is a location-driven insights and mobile ad intelligence platform providing reports on consumers' offline behaviors.

  8. LeadsRX is a marketing attribution software that gives marketers insights into which advertising campaigns result in conversions.

  9. Adinton offers a complete view of all your stats, helps you decide who is a potential buyer and devise a strategy based on real-time data.

  10. AdClear platform provides Tracking, Analysis and Optimization of the online marketing activities.

  11. Blix measures every element of your sales process from TV advertising to in-store sales conversions.

  12. DataCollector is a secure, highly scalable, cost-effective​ solution for attribution tracking.