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Tap2Pay is the platform for accepting online payments in all online channels: a website, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube), messengers (Facebook, Telegram, Viber). It provides smooth and secure, omnichannel buying.

Tap2Pay solves the low sales conversion rate problem and hard buying process when customer need fill long registration forms. It helps attract customers, sell, accept payments and communicate with customers via new digital channels like messengers and social media. Tap2Pay integrates with a merchant's website (with a js code or plugin), with social media post or ads (with a short link). Customer clicks on the "Buy" button or on a post/ads and receives an invoice in messengers chat or continues to pay on the website via express checkout widget. He needs to once fill credit card details on secure processing page. Merchant knows who want to buy, can support a customer, can chat with him in real time, send notification via messenger and stimulate to buy.

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