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Manage your data efficiently in one place and online. Create applications for your data, share with colleagues, and work with your team.



Tabidoo is the app for creating app. Without writing the code it is possible to create the web application and share the app with other users. Everything is done in secure way, every data change is captured and saved in history, so in Data audit it is easy to find who/when/how changed the data.


https://www.tabidoo.cloud/features/ - API -- using REST API layer it is possible to integrate Tabidoo with other API capable systems, or define some automations using tools like IFTT, Integromat, Zapier. API documentation is N|Solid or N|Solid

  • Widgets By using widgets Tabidoo screens are very well-arranged and yet attractive
  • Reporting Even very complex reports can be created in Tabidoo
  • Notifications Every data change can trigger a notification.
  • Rights management Permissions to access the data can be set on very fine level. So the application owner has 100% guarantee, that his data are well treated.

Pricing plans

https://www.tabidoo.cloud/pricing/ - Pricing plans are tailored to suite everyone's need. From single person (free plan) to large business.


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