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  • Best cloud sync software for media production?
    I have been using SyncThing via SyncTrayzor for over a decade on Windows. It is self-hosted, so I would suggest picking a high-capacity central point. - Source: Reddit / 3 days ago
  • Just discovered SteamGridDB and I feel like I now have the sexiest library in the entire universe.
    If you can install it on both, maybe Syncthing can help. - Source: Reddit / 8 days ago
  • Question about syncing hard drives from 2 locations
    Their website is and there are youtube videos that do a good job explaining it and showing you how to set it up. I recently set it up to automatically download all my photos off my phone, and it also backups of all the computers in the house. - Source: Reddit / 7 days ago
  • Folder sharing over the internet
    Syncthing. Private p2p file sharing, works like a charm, encrypted transmission. You have a share folder on your computer and a folder somewhere else, like your phone or another computer somewhere. Drop a file in the folder on your computer, it gets automatically mirrored to the remote folder. Likewise, delete a file from your folder, it gets deleted from the remote folder. - Source: Reddit / 8 days ago
  • 2 Way Sync w/o MB Wifi Sync App?
    Try using syncthing. This is what I use to sync songs (or other files) from my computer to my phone and vice versa. It will update small metadata changes on either device (if 2 way is enabled). If you do decide to try this, make a backup of your music folder first because you can delete files if you accidentally set it up wrong. - Source: Reddit / 9 days ago
  • File Backup that is not a subscription
    Absolutely Syncthing. And it's free, but you can imagine what it's worth and donate to them because it's open-source software. - Source: Reddit / 12 days ago
  • Modern alternative to Synctoy?
    You could use Syncthing ( - Source: Reddit / 13 days ago
  • Tutorial for Hosting a vpn on windows 10
    Are you sure a VPN would be the right tool for the job? You should look into - Source: Reddit / 13 days ago
  • Dropbox Help I would like to use Dropbox as like a script cash. This would contain all my old script's as well as project's. #1 Is this a good idea? or would i have to move them to my termux in order to modify them? #2 How to do this? Thanks Happy Coding
    Not sure about Dropbox, but I use Syncthing for this. It syncs the Projects folder on my PC with a Projects folder on my phone, so anytime a change is made in either location it updates both. Then I added a symlink to that Projects folder in my Termux home directory so I can easily access them to edit or run. - Source: Reddit / 15 days ago
  • Question about using Dropbox for Vault Syncing & Backing up.
    Syncthing is also an option for remote syncing. This is self hosted rather than a third party tool. - Source: Reddit / 16 days ago
  • VIMKipedia: Or How I Built My Second Brain Using Vim
    Yes. MrBodonga gave one way to do it. I use Syncthing 0 to sync my notes between my devices and I use the Markor app for viewing and making simple changes on my Phone. I'm VERY happe with Synthing! But yes, I know - I should of course use neovim on Termux.... :p. - Source: Reddit / 17 days ago
  • offline File sharing access between Windows and Mint
    The only thing of which I am aware that directly does what you want (but there may be other ways) is the program called syncthing, which is open source and costless and under active development. - Source: Reddit / 18 days ago
  • Using Github to write my notes has helped me retain knowledge immensely.
    Syncthings Download: (Syncthings has a mobile app on your phone as well, since you'll need it on all devices you want to sync together). - Source: Reddit / 23 days ago
  • Best way to send photos on my phone (not on Google Photos) to someone else's Google Photos?
    You can try Syncthing, it automatically syncs all files between all devices that have it set up. But I still thing it's not best option to upload photos to her account. Beter option would be to share space. If she purchased more space for google account, google allows to share some of the space with family. So let her share space with you and that would be easiest, fastest and most secure way of having space for... - Source: Reddit / 23 days ago
  • What is the quickest way to send a file from Mac/PC to S23 Ultra?
    Check out Syncthing. It syncs folders across the devices, so whatever you put in the folder will appear on the synced folders on other devices. AFAIK also has Mac support, but haven't tried it out personally. Downside is that it requires a bit of setup to work. - Source: Reddit / 24 days ago
  • An alternative to Obsidian Sync that is free
    Also, you could possible combine any of the apps with Syncthing? - Source: Reddit / 25 days ago
  • What are some less obvious ways emulation features enhance your gameplay experience?
    Try Syncthing it's very easy to set up. - Source: Reddit / 27 days ago
  • How can I easily backup saves for non steam games?
    You can then use Syncthing or Warpinator alongside it to sync them to other devices. - Source: Reddit / 27 days ago
  • Is standard notes worth the cost? ($18p/m)
    Check out Obsidian combined with Syncthing. Obsidian is a powerful and feature rich note-taking app, and you can use Syncthing to securely sync your notes across devices. - Source: Reddit / 27 days ago
  • Good way to access cloud files from cloud in Termux?
    I don't know about termux but there's Syncthing. - Source: Reddit / 27 days ago
  • LastPass Shouldn't Be Trusted With Your Passwords
    Not natively, no. I use SyncThing to sync mine between multiple devices, though. It's a direct-sync process so the dbx file never actually needs to reside on a 3rd party platform (eg. Cloud storage). There are desktop, mobile, and even docker versions for hosting on a NAS. That may or may not meet the 3-2-1 backup rule depending on where you're opting to store at least one of the copies. - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago

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With this tool, you can synchronize files between multiple computers without hassles. Syncthing is not very different from rclone as it also supports command-line functionality. Also, it’s a free and open source application with all source code available on GitHub.

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