1. myly School Management App is trusted by schools globally. myly offers School App, School Management and Student Security Solutions. Pay only for what you use!

  2. jiSchoolERP is a School Management Platform developed to principally cater needs of educational sector exclusively.

  3. Vidyalaya is a fully integrated school management system.

  4. This software is developed for automating data management process for schools with chat facility

  5. Ayotree is a powerful cloud-based software that has all the tools to run a successful business!

  6. Maestro SIS - a web-based Student Information System Software for single schools or colleges...

  7. Binfire is the premium Project Management App for both traditional & distributed teams. It enhances team productivity & reduces time to market of your products..

  8. Virtual Call Center Software

  9. Web-based project management software

  10. SAP CRM application is an integrated CRM that targets midsize and large organizations in all industries.

  11. RAMP has developed the next generation of video solutions, enhancing user engagement through dynamic search and video solutions across connected devices.

  12. Snapforce offers CRM solution to streamline sales processes.