1. Life Cycle automatically tracks your time and maps your life. Using only 1% of your battery.

  2. Dedicated to helping your mobile app find its audience

  3. mzCONNECT is a web-based mobile marketing platform for transmission of text marketing messages, mobile coupons, punch cards, and more.

  4. Over The Shoulder enables user to create strategy from in-the-moment insight hunting.

  5. Liquid helps developers track, oversee, and improve the engagement of users on their app.

  6. Grow Mobile provides a single, mobile ad buying platform for marketers to buy, track and optimize mobile app promotions.

  7. Xtremepush is a mobile marketing automation platform.

  8.  Machine learning algorithm built to acquire, engage and retain high LTV mobile users.

  9. An artificial intelligence and context-aware mobile relationship marketing platform

  10. FollowAnalytics is a platform that combines analytics with real-time engagement to create personalized mobile marketing campaigns.

  11. MobileCommons makes it easy for companies and non-profits to connect with people on their mobile devices.

  12. Carnival Mobile is a mobile marketing platform that helps brands manage their users and publish campaigns across mobile audiences.