1. Apache Mesos abstracts resources away from machines, enabling fault-tolerant and elastic distributed systems to easily be built and run effectively.

  2. Directed by Frank Coraci.

  3. Observium

  4. Packetbeat is an Open Source Application Monitoring and Packet Tracing (Packet Sniffer) system.

  5. Beats is the platform for single-purpose data shippers that is installed as lightweight agents and send data to machines to Logstash or Elasticsearch.

  6. Docker is an open platform that enables developers and system administrators to create distributed applications.

  7. Advanced, production process manager for Node.js

  8. High performance data logging and graphing system for time series data

  9. Assertible software provides you with a simple and quick way to monitor your web services. It comes with automated QA tools that users can utilize to test and monitor their web services on different platforms and environments.

  10. C implementation of statsd

  11. High performance and global aggregation for Datadog

  12. Application performance management and infrastructure monitoring.