1. LocName API offers address verification, validation and autocomplete solutions.

  2. Lob's address verification API enables companies to validate and standardize mailing addresses to ensure the mail reaches their customers.

  3. RealValidation offers API for phone numbers, address and email verification.

  4. Neutrino API solves recurring problems encountered during the development of software systems.

  5. Code-1 Plus validates, corrects and standardizes customer address data and helps to provide accurate, on-time delivery of correspondence, goods and services, and minimize costs of undelivered mail.

  6. CDYNE PAV is an API that allows businesses to standardize, correct, and validate any US address in one step.

  7. EasyPost provides an address verification API to improve the overall deliverability of the packages.

  8. Experian provides Address Verification API for accurate, complete USPS addresses with minimal data entry.

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  10. Addressify is an API that allows developers to implement address verification, validation and autocomplete for Australia in their apps.

  11. Whitepages Pro provides businesses with global identity verification solutions via enterprise-scale APIs and web tools.

  12. Postcodes4U provides a UK Address Lookup Service at a very competitive price.