1. CloudSploit provides continuous security monitoring, detailed reports, and risk detection for cloud...

  2. Ludo is a platform for playing online team building games in the workplace. We built Ludo as a tool to help us bring our teams and people together. Ludo uses games inspired by popular social games like Werewolf (that we ourselves have a love for).

  3. Email marketing from GetResponse. Send email newsletters, campaigns, online surveys and follow-up autoresponders. Simple, easy interface. FREE sign up.

  4. Showcase of the best error pages on the web.

  5. Application Monitoring that finds what you can't see in charts.

  6. EyesDecide is a webcam eye tracking solution enabling market researchers, advertisers and UX designers gain insights into user behavior.

  7. Health & safety compliance management system | Health and safety software

  8. Callcap provides innovative call tracking and measurement, as well as tools to track marketing ROI and monitor customer service quality.

  9. Graphite as a service

  10. Website analytics powered by machine learning πŸ“Š

  11. IT Asset Management

  12. Looker makes it easy for analysts to create and curate custom data experiencesβ€”so everyone in the business can explore the data that matters to them, in the context that makes it truly meaningful.