Free Status Page

✨ Set up a FREE official status page

All approved products on SaaSHub have an unofficial status page. By making it official you are getting the following benefits:

  • Your Product's logo will replace SaaSHub in the header
  • No competitors will be shown on your status page
  • Your website will be checked every 5 minutes instead of 60

All products that have an official status page look more professional. Our simple solution will improve your product's image and will save you hundreds of dollars per year compared to all paid status page alternatives.

👉 How to set it up

Step 1)
Make sure that your product (only software products are accepted) is listed and approved on SaaSHub

Step 2)
Open the "Status" section of the management page of your product and follow the final instructions.

Step 3)
Place a link pointing to your status page on SaaSHub. Usually, the most appropriate section would be the footer.