1. Simple, secure notepad extension that now comes with a companion app for Android.

  2. DEVONthink is a professional document and information management app for Mac and iOS.

  3. Stickynotes for your desktop easily from the command line.

  4. Go link systems are used by employees of companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Linkedin every day! Now you can have GoLinks for your company too. Get started for free!

  5. A hierarchical cross-platform note taking application

  6. Simple SMS-powered notes

  7. Notebooks for making ideas happen

  8. Zoho's new office suite of apps.

  9. Now there's more space to talk through your projects ๐Ÿ’ฌ

  10. Software for create adaptable and multilevel diagrams, concept maps, mind maps and models

  11. Quickly capture text on iOS and send it anywhere

  12. Allegory providing a seamless way to integrate critical case information and to provide clients with more effective data management.