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  • Grinding to level 4 on TCGPlayer - using my bulk to grow my collection.
    Great point on the ebay shipping options too...that's a huge plus for sure. I was so pumped when I saw that allows you to print shipping directly to the envelopes which was great until the trial month expired and they wanted $4.99 / month from you to continue using those features. - Source: Reddit / 4 days ago
  • Other TCGplayer sellers, As of today my TCGplayer store is officially open. Is there anything I should know before I set my inventory to live?
    Fantastic! I'll make an account on right now. I wondered how tracking would be handled and you covered it fully. - Source: Reddit / 6 days ago
  • Weird things going on at the Ringer
    I thought I'd feel nostalgic for an ad read, but the unceasing inundation of FanDuel ads has made me long for those quaint ads presented on the Subway Fresh Take Hotline. - Source: Reddit / 11 days ago
  • Did the BBTV drama cost H3 sponsoships?
    They lost sponsorships because ethan showed the postmaster general the prolapse video and now is finally gone forever. - Source: Reddit / 30 days ago
  • Just curious what would trigger an adjustment charge of 13 cents on an international package?
    There is not, the shipment was made through my account. - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • Are account-billed postage adjustments done on any letters or flats rather than postage due?
    That's too bad. I don't know for sure, but it appears to me like the stamps have unique numbers/barcodes. It would be so much easier than dealing with collecting money from the recipient if the system let postal employees scan the stamp and tell it what it needed to be. Maybe someday. - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • Are account-billed postage adjustments done on any letters or flats rather than postage due?
    I've read about the automated package verification, where amounts paid for labels on packages are adjusted if the weight or dimensions are wrong. Is a similar thing done for postage on letters or flats that are traceable in origin, like through Is there a way to avoid a recipient getting a postage due and have it billed to me instead, for letters and packages? I'm starting to send some things in... - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • Identity theft? Fraudulent company? What else is new, right?
    Just would like to get the word out here about a potentially fraudulent company, Endicia Internet Postage. Until today I've never heard of this company, and neither I nor my husband have had any business with it. However, three unauthorized charges totaling $109 were made on husband's citibank card in March (two $10 charges by USPS STAMPS ENDICIA, and one $89 by STAMPS.COM). A citibank representative alerted me... - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • Managing volume. Hitting the brakes.
    Where are you adding customers? To your accounting software? EBay provides reports as far as sales go. I only crunch those numbers once a quarter by downloading 3 months' worth of reports. I have a checking account and business credit card dedicated to the business. All of my shipping expenses are charged to the business card. I use, it's connected to ebay. Every morning I hit the "import orders"... - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • I can't afford the 2 day shipping option customer selected.
    You don't need to do Fedex priority overnight, that is the most expensive option. You should be able to do USPS priority mail. If that doesn't work look on or pirate ship, just input the tracking number to confirm shipment. - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • If you had to restart your FIRE journey, what would you do differently?
    Buy as many OTM call options as I could on Feb 19, 2020. - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • postage scale vs kitchen scale - does it matter?
    I got one for "free" by signing up with - Source: Reddit / 2 months ago
  •'s anti-consumer practices: "We won't print your label unless you buy our printers."
    So I'm thinking, why don't they just allow you to print in a 4x6 size? Then it came to me. They want you to buy THEIR 4x6 thermal printers from their store because those are the only ones that will work with their software! Don't have a supported printer? Too bad. I was suggested to buy a printer that their software is compatible with. This ISN'T a compatibility issue. This was a BUSINESS DECISION and... - Source: Reddit / 2 months ago
  • & Zebra ZP 505 (2844 family) of printers using Fedex DOC-TAB labels
    -Have send you the new drivers (Seagull "zebra732" drivers) -Select Zebra LP2844 -In printing preferences change stock to new, user defined 4x6.75" -In advanced, default orientation to 180deg -Within the software, select doc-tab 4x6 3/4 (top) as your label. - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • Mercari vs Depop
    On depop? If you make a label with depop its easy, they make it and all you need to do is put it on the package. If you don't ship with depop you can ship with any other shipping provider (,, etc). - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • ShipStation owe UPS some money or something?
    I reported to them that UPS has been charging an extra $2-3 dollars for every UPS Ground Saver package since November. They never responded, but the next day, UPS just blocked the whole account. I wonder if I was a cause. In the end, though, the UPS contract is not directly with Shipstation, but rather tied to , although I don't fully understand the subsidiary relationship between shipstation and... - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • Negotiating a better rate than Stamps, ebay, Amazon's shipping?
    But even my account has better rates, far better actually through UPS than Fedex has offered me. And that is independent of volume. I tried to make this clear with the sales rep when I had a 30 minute call with them, that I want better rates than I'm being offered or its just a total waste of time. - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • How does UPS tell you it has picked your package up in the future?
    Sorry for the clunky title. But I have ups via telling me that my package is at 3 locations coming up with dates and times in the future? - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • Are there more ads?
    There are more ads and much less diversity, so we are hearing the same ads over and over and over again. I'd love a good old fashioned promo read.... - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • shipping - i have no idea what i’m doing
    I use since I only mail 9x12 flats, but you likely need pirateship or something for records. - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • QuickBooks Desktop USPS Shipping Manager is unusable
    I have 3 warehouse computers running Windows 10 and QB Enterprise 22. We ship a decent number of packages via mail every day, and all 3 computers have started freezing, usually because pop-up errors aren't visible or stay hidden under the "legacywrapper32" integrated app solution that and QB came up with. The errors that are visible are completely nonsensical--I had to redo an international shipment 4... - Source: Reddit / 4 months ago

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