1. Queentessence demystifies and facilitates digitalization initiatives.


  2. Yusp is a next generation, real-time personalization engine having all product modules as defined by Gartner for various business models.

  3. Driveback provides personalization solution based on user behavior on-site and adapts in real-time to increase conversion rates.

  4. Fanplayr is a leader in targeted real-time ecommerce offers.

  5. Cordial is an adaptive messaging platform empowering marketers to easily create, scale, and optimize personalized experiences.

  6. Peerius is an intelligent omnichannel personalisation solution.

  7. ReactX enables the programmatic buying and selling of high impact, large canvas type ads in RTB platforms.

  8. SessionM is a consumer loyalty and engagement platform.

  9. SAS Customer Intelligence product suite offers tools to help digital marketers with the planning, optimization and engagement of customers.

  10. Booshaka

  11. eZ Personalization helps merchants drive e-commerce sales and gives publishers the tools to increase content consumption.

  12. SmarterHQ makes it easy for brands to automate web and email personalization.