1. Accelerate application release and delivery with release automation and VMware vRealize Code Stream.

  2. CI is a practice that makes preparing for a release easier. CD may refer to "delivery" or "deployment," which are similar but not quite the same.

  3. Pivotal Platform is the unified, multi-cloud platform to run your enterprise apps at scale. Ship code more often, continuously deliver customer value, and thrive in a cloud-native era.

  4. Puppet Data Center Automation Solution helps you save time, gain visibility into your server environment, and ensure consistency across your IT infrastructure.

  5. Radically simple configuration-management, application deployment, task-execution, and multi-node orchestration engine

  6. Plesk puts all the automation, security, and technical tools an IT professional needs in one simple and easy to use dashboard.

  7. Automated Tests For Your Web App

  8. Taskcluster is the task execution framework that supports Mozilla's continuous integration and...

  9. A fully managed continuous integration, delivery, & deployment platform that lets you build, test, and deploy in the cloud. Focus on coding by running fast, consistent, reliable automated builds.

  10. A cluster management framework for partitioned and replicated distributed resources

  11. Mesosphere DCOS organizes your entire infrastructure as if it was a single computer.

  12. A mass deployment tool for Docker fleets