1. CalendarWiz is an online calendar software designed for groups, teams, and organizations.

  2. Employee scheduling, time tracking & absence management

  3. Bookinglayer is a combination of a PMS, activity scheduler, and a flexible online booking for businesses.

  4. Management platform for tasks, projects & teams

  5. Job management for trade services & project based industries

  6. Synergist is an industry recognised job costing and project management solution serving creative, digital, marketing, PR and consultancies worldwide.

  7. Chili Piper is an intelligent calendar for Sales teams, to book their own meetings or set appointments for other teams.

  8. Mosaic provides brands with solutions to store and categorize their digital graphic and photography files for quick and easy retrieval.

  9. Employee scheduling & shift management for teams

  10. Visual Planning is a leading employee management software that makes scheduling and resource management a simple and easy.

  11. Daily personalized Jobs on your preferred messenger app

  12. HyperOffice: Pioneering online collaboration software since 1998. Share documents, manage tasks, email, intranet, sync Outlook, mobility. Free trial.