1. Windows Live Writer is one of the most popular blog editors.

  2. Tumblita is a new lightweight Mac app for posting to your Tumblr based sites.

  3. Feeder is for creating, editing and publishing RSS feeds on macOS.

  4. The easiest & fastest way to write, publish & manage blogs

  5. MacJournal is the world's most popular journalist software for the Mac.

  6. Multiplatform online diary and mobile app designed to record your activities, experiences, thoughts and ideas. Join now for free and keep your secret diary or diet, travel or life journal securely.

  7. An award-winning & beloved desktop publishing client, exclusively for OS X.

  8. GNOME blog is a desktop blogging application for Linux and Unix.

  9. Is WebStory for me? It may be worthwhile to take a closer look at WebStory if you: are looking for a more user friendly and versatile blog editor to edit your blog post prefer to write blog post offline don't like to mess up with HTML or CSS in ord…

  10. Drivel is a GNOME client for working with online journals, also known as weblogs or simply...

  11. This page allows downloading free tools made by ByteScout. By downloading these free software tools below you also agree to Web Site Terms Of Use and Web Site Privacy Policy.NO ADWARE or AD TOOLBARS: Our

  12. MoPress is a blogging client application developed for mobile phones.