1. Magento Open Source is a free eCommerce platform which provides small businesses with a flexible, digital commerce solution to successfully sell online.

  2. Deliver Personalized and Optimized Experiences at Scale

  3. The Easier Way To Sell

  4. With FastSpring, software companies sell more, stay lean, and compete big.

  5. Shopify Plus is a cloud based, fully hosted enterprise ecommerce platform for high volume merchants.

  6. Smoolis is the only multilingual website builder that allows you to easily set up multiple languages/currencies on your site. Made in Zurich

  7. Spree Commerce is an automated ecommerce platform that manages all aspects of your fulfillment process.

  8. Reaction Commerce is a completely open source JavaScript platform for today's premier ecommerce experiences.

  9. Oorjit is a complete customer and merchant engagement and a highly flexible and scalable platform that helps to adapt with all market trends and drive-in growth quickly.

  10. Avangate provides software and SaaS companies with rich eCommerce, partner management solutions and an affiliate network, assisting them to sell software online as well as to manage a global scale with localized shopping, payments, support.

  11. Citi, Oracle develop banking-as-a-service ERP connector that makes it faster for clients to connect to Citi, access transactional data.

  12. An ephemeral to-do list