1. Real-time communication service for connecting online devices.

  2. MeshyDB provides any app a fully functional API backend in minutes.

  3. Lets you clean up your HTML / CSS / Javascript code so its more concisely formatted

  4. Alasql.js - is a lightweight client-side in-memory SQL database designed to work in browser and...

  5. Free code snippet to lock javascript files to your domain. Protect javascript code. Easy cut & paste script. Prevent unauthorized use of your scripts and deter code theft.

  6. Live interactive cross-browser testing from your browser.

  7. Browser Testing made simple! Run automated, visual, and manual tests on 1500+ real browsers and mobile devices. Test more browsers, in less time.

  8. ConfigCat is a feature flag and configuration management service. Fixed prices. Unlimited Team members. Ideal for Teams. 10 minutes trainable. Clear docs. Awesome support. True Free plan.

    free โ‚ฌ0.0 / Monthly (Unlimited team. Unlimited MAUs. Full security. Audit log.)

  9. Next generation web framework for node.js

  10. Automatically reviews code style, security, duplication, complexity, and coverage on every change while tracking code quality throughout your sprints.

  11. HTML/CSS/JS and Markdown Code Playground For Web Designers and Developers

  12. TypeScript allows developers to compile a superset of JavaScript to plain JavaScript on any browser, host, or operating system.