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20 Mailinator Alternatives


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Software reviewed and mentioned in the article

  1. Any Inbox. Any Time.

  2. Fake Mail Generator is the provider of free and temporary email addresses that you can use just like original one.

  3. FI


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  5. MT


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  6. It is not wise to give real email IDs to those websites whose credibility is suspicious.

  7. MTM


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  8. Temp Mail is the provider of fake and temporary email ID.

  9. MintEmail offers a wide variety of functionality compared to most typical temporary email providers, for whenever you find them important.

  10. Temporary disposable e-mail service to beat spam. Avoid spam with a free secure e-mail address.

  11. Yola – Make a Free Website. Q2 in Free Website. Yola is a website builder which currently serves 12 million users worldwide. Yola offers Free and Premium versions… Read More · Apple Special Event September 2017 thumbnail .

  12. Disposable temporary email addresses with MailCatch temporary inbox technology, fight the spam! Antispam solution! MailCatch is an email service that allows you to create temporary disposable mailboxes, in a completly anonymous way.

  13. Of course you can also delete them manually! Text & Html emails with file attachments! Tempr. email easily receives text and html e-mails, even with file attachments. Many domains available!

  14. YOPmail is an interesting anonymous mail program that allows users to communicate with each other without compromising their original email addresses. Read more about YOPmail.

  15. Guerrilla Mail is a web-based app that provides a disposable and anonymous email address. Users of the service are not required to set up an account in order to send or receive emails.

  16. M

    Mailexpire enables you create another usable email address and utilize it for new contacts or registrations.

  17. maildrop is a Mail delivery agent used by the Courier Mail Server. The maildrop MDA also includes filtering functionality. maildrop receives mail via stdin and delivers in both Maildir and mbox formats.

  18. spamgourmet provides email addresses that get created automatically the first time they are used, forward messages, and then automatically expire.

  19. AE

    Anonymous Email

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  20. TAM


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  21. EmailOnDeck is a web based temporary email service provider that delivers the free and fast temporary email address.