1. For devs, by devs. An easy way to build, host and manage Apps using the open source Parse Server. Scalable Servers, Pre-build examples, Cross-Platform support

  2. Mobile marketing solutions across all major mobile platforms.

  3. Cayoren Software: Integrated development environments for PHP and Perl

  4. Retrospective is an event log viewer and analysis tool from centeractive. Retrospective is an easy to use log management software and web log analyzer.

  5. Hoo WinTail is a real-time log monitor and log viewer for Windows like the UNIX tail -f utility.

  6. Logbert is an advanced log message viewer for log4net, log4j and others.

  7. Universal Viewer is an advanced file viewer for wide range of formats. Supported file formats are:

  8. A multi tail for Windows, designed to follow log files, highlight, search, filter, and much more.

  9. BareTail is a real-time log file monitoring tool. Features Real-time file viewing

  10. LogExpert is a Windows tail program (a GUI replacement for the Unix tail command).

  11. Pinterest's MySQL management tools

  12. MySQL Performance Analyzer by Yahoo