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Raiseaticket is a 100% free cloud based helpdesk for customer service and support. The saas provides portal, workflows, insights to manage communications for the support and service process.

Raiseaticket is a web-based helpdesk solution. It has been developed by a team of experienced developers and infrastructure experts and is backed by insights from Customer Care leaders experienced in the Enterprise, Aviation, Contact Centre, Logistics, Government and Technology Industries. The system is built to service organizations of all sizes and can handle multi-team and multi-company web and email customer support operations.

Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication. Raiseaticket is designed to be simple and intuitive for customer support agents. It has the capability of delivering insights and holistic monitoring of support operations to supervisors and management through a powerful dashboard with an extensive set of reporting tools. The platform allows for the use of service level agreements (SLAs) that define the level of expected service you deliver to your customers.

Eliminate the nightmare of managing and measuring cluttered inboxes, shared mailboxes, unanswered emails and unaddressed customer requests. Raiseaticket provides detailed insights about support requests (tickets) across your organization for all tickets received, resolved, assigned, unassigned, pending and overdue, together with client and agent responses as well as category sorting. Notifications allow supervisors and management to monitor customer support through notifications and trigger-based alerts that you can customise and apply selectively.


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