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The Tool for professional UI Test Automation - Automate your Java, Web and Windows tests with QF-Test, the professional & reliable testing tool!

All Java technologies supported: Swing, AWT, JavaFX, SWT, Eclipse Plug-Ins, RCP, WebStart, Applets, RIA, ULC, Captain Casa, JavaFX SubScene components, Hybrid applications with Web (embedded browser): e.g. JxBrowser, SWT-Browser, JavaFX WebView components. Webswing. Web applications multi-browser on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge (also based on Chromium), Internet Explorer, Headless browser version of Chrome, Edge and Firefox, Testing Electron apps Mobile testing via Mobile Emulation Mode Testing Windows Desktop applications Classical Win32 applications: .NET applications (often developed in C#) based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) or Windows Forms, Windows Apps / Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications using XAML controls, Modern C++ applications (for example Qt applications) Completely supports frameworks like Angular, React and Vue.js. Also extensions for dedicated UI toolkits are integrated in QF-Test, like Smart (GWT), ExtGWT, ExtJS, ICEfaces, jQuery UI, jQueryEasyUI, Kendo UI, PrimeFaces, Qooxdoo, RAP, RichFaces, Vaadin and ZK. PDF documents Testing


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