1. Buddybuild ties together continuous integration, continuous delivery and an iterative feedback solution into a single, seamless system. With buddybuild, you can focus on what matters most: creating awesome apps.

  2. A fully managed continuous integration, delivery, & deployment platform that lets you build, test, and deploy in the cloud. Focus on coding by running fast, consistent, reliable automated builds.

  3. Add continuous integration and deployment to your GitHub repositories in a few minutes.

  4. Pivotal Platform is the unified, multi-cloud platform to run your enterprise apps at scale. Ship code more often, continuously deliver customer value, and thrive in a cloud-native era.

  5. A CI/CD solution for cloud applications on Kubernetes

  6. With its parallel and sequential execution, GoCD can easily configure dependencies for fast feedback and on-demand deployment. GoCD's Value Stream Map lets you track a change from commit to deploy at a glance.

  7. Plesk puts all the automation, security, and technical tools an IT professional needs in one simple and easy to use dashboard.

  8. Automated Tests For Your Web App

  9. Accelerate application release and delivery with release automation and VMware vRealize Code Stream.

  10. Powerful & Easy Automation for Developers

  11. ReleasePage allows developers to create a client-facing changelog for their app.

  12. ReleaseNotes helps you to easily manage, publish, and announce your release notes to your user base.