1. Circulate.it makes the content you create and curate easily shareable by the rest of your organization.

  2. An engagement tool for your team. Capitalize your team's network and influence. Reward your team members.

  3. Crowdskout is the CRM software for campaigns, nonprofits, and advocacy groups. Manage volunteer operations, activate supporters, and maximize impact.

  4. The #1 Micro-targeting technology for creating, managing and expanding effective Key Contact Programs for State and Federal Advocacy. Winning matters.

  5. Kredible is the only platform with an advisor-first approach to practice management focused on a credible online presence that leads to customer acquisition and growth.

  6. Capitol Impact provides solutions for organizations focusing on association management, political applications, online registration, websites & mobile apps.

  7. Votility provides online political advocacy software to organizations, advocacy groups and chamber of commerce invlolved in public policy monitoring.

  8. Online advocacy & engagement solution

  9. Digital grassroots advocacy tool for public policy campaigns

  10. SOCXO helps enterprises harness the power of your employee's social reach to boost brand awareness, help recruit employees and generate organic leads.

  11. SocioAdvocacy helps brands activate their employees as brand advocates on social media.

  12. uCampaign creates custom apps that cultivate online communities oriented to action, inciting massive engagement and making it easier for leaders to lead.