1. INgageHub is a SaaS platform delivering sales and marketing data to support organizations in improving ROI.

  2. AmeriLINK Consumer Database provides data options to target best prospects or to gain insight into the behaviors of the current customers.

  3. Magi Metrics offers Instagram data, with audience demographic reports.

  4. Dataline offers comprehensive consumer database solutions.

  5. Data-driven Audience Targeting

  6. ChoiceStream delivers advertisers the highest quality audiences at scale.

  7. Profound connects brands with the in-demand online audience — the business professionals.

  8. Zeeto offers data discovery platform that brings actionable intelligence through the power of questions.

  9. Datonics is an aggregator and distributor of highly granular and proprietary search, purchase intent, and life-stage data. 

  10. Connexity offers pre-built popular audience segments helping organizations to get in touch with right audiences.

  11. Simon Data enables businesses to effectively leverage all of their data to drive personalization and value for their customers.

  12. PushSpring offers accurate and relevant audience data for mobile targeting.