1. OneSaas connects over 50 cloud applications so you can easily find the application you use and set...

  2. Analytics for web and iOS. Heap automatically captures every user action in your app and lets you measure it all. Clicks, taps, swipes, form submissions, page views, and more.

  3. Trends and data from 9 tech firms

  4. Google Analytics in your menu bar ๐Ÿ“ˆ

  5. Easy to use, fast and elegant podcast player. Key Features

  6. Analytics, metrics & insights for your Instagram account.

  7. Easy-to-use web tools for beginners

  8. Real-time and advanced periodic alerts for Google Analytics.

  9. One-click business & growth analytics for Intercom

  10. Axeptio is the user consent management platform compliant with the new General Regulations for the protection of personal data (GDPR/RGPD)

  11. Unify all your customer data. No code required.

  12. Create your own realtime metrics dashboard powered by PubNub