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Pony Express HQ

Pony Express HQ is an SMS text message marketing for small businesses, real estates, clubs, communities, dispensaries or non-profits. Send and receive text messages and images online with the large group of customers. Group texting app no reply all.

Pony Express serves small and local businesses, communities, and organizations with agile marketing teams that need a low-cost, easy to use solution. Businesses, organizations, and communities use Pony Express HQ to connect with customers and members via text message. Send notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS text marketing campaigns. SMS text message marketing platform - group texting no reply all.

  • Promotion: $9 for 750 SMS text message credits. 1 cent per text.
  • Quickly and effectively share deals, send updates, reminders, and info via SMS text messaging online with large groups.
  • Pony Express HQ was built for non-technical, small business owners, no training required.
  • Pay as you go pricing is competitive and sustainable for small businesses ๏ปฟโœ” Sign up free and start texting within minutes โœ” No training, no coding, and no set-up required โœ” Pay as you go pricing and no hidden fees โœ” No monthly fees - very flexible pricing for any marketing budget โœ” Send your group message, and allow recipients to respond back privately โœ” Free message forwarding to your personal phone number โœ” Deliver thousands of messages โœ” Send and receive picture/MMS messaging โœ” Get a free dedicated US local phone number or toll-free number โœ” Get unlimited keywords


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