New Pinguy Builder Alternatives

  1. Cubic (Custom Ubuntu ISO Creator) is a GUI wizard to create a customized bootable Ubuntu Live CD...

  2. Linux Live Kit the ultimate way to bring your linux to life. Create your own live distribution

  3. LiveCD provides that platform for creating your own LiveCD based on Mandrake Linux.

  4. A modern take on the remastersys script by Jeff Hoogland.

  5. Respin is a custom Linux operating system creator, fork of Remastersys

  6. Remaster your Ubuntu install!

  7. Ubuntu Live CD remastering tool.

  8. YaST is the installation and configuration tool for https://alternativeto.

  9. Modernisieren Sie Ihre Infrastruktur mit SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, OpenStack Cloud-Technologie für IAAS und softwaredefiniertem Storage von SUSE.