New PicColor Alternatives

  1. SandCage is a file processing, hosting and delivery service.

  2. ElasticImageCache is a cloud service/REST API that generates resized, web-ready images from your...

  3. Imaging is a Collection of Image Related Tools (Image Viewer, Image Converter, Image Resizer, Image...

  4. Uploadcare is a service handling CDN, cloud storage, file uploads & hosting, image upload & processing — all in one secure solution with a powerful upload widget. Sign up for free!

  5. GetResized delivers your images, scaled or cropped and always optimized.

  6. An image coloring solution feedback utility.

  7. This application allows you to create a color palette from the image.

  8. Cloudimage is the easiest way to optimize and accelerate your images in real time. Resize, compress and deliver your images to your customers through rocket fast CDNs. Faster images -> higher conversion -> more sales.

    freemium €29.0 / Monthly (Free for up to 25 GB of monthly traffic)

  9. Cloudinary is a cloud-based service for hosting videos and images designed specifically with the needs of web and mobile developers in mind.

  10. MulticolorEngine is a color search API for use with an image collection or products.

  11. The web service provides statistics describing color characteristics of an image identified by URL.

  12. ColorTag is an API for color detection.