New pCloud Alternatives

Latest update:
  1. DocSend makes business communication with documents more effective and actionable by providing...

  2. Free backup software to store backups online with strong encryption. Works with FTP, SSH, WebDAV, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive and many others.

  3. Windows Live SkyDrive is a cloud-based storage service from Microsoft.

  4. Zaclys provide an easy to use ownCloud solution with 1Go free. And also dedicated servers !

  5. Watch people talk about your product on-demand

  6. Mobile app analytics system

  7. Resolve live chats faster by watching where users get stuck

  8. Discover how people really use your website by recording every mouse movement, keystroke, and click.

  9. Improve your product with video and audio feedback 📹🔊

  10. BugReplay is a bug reporting tool that records your screen and syncs it with network traffic and JavaScript errors. Reporting and fixing bugs just got easier.

  11. FlashBack is one of the best options in its category when it comes to capturing video clips of your screen.

  12. Free version Records up to 15 minutes, premium is $15/year.