1. QA testing on every OS/device/browser combination with a crowd of professional testers.

  2. Usabitest is a Crowdsourced Testing company.

  3. A crowdsourced testing platform.

  4. Synack is a crowdsourced penetration testing, vulnerability orchestration, analytics and risk reporting platform.

  5. Crowdtesters provide crowdsourced testing services.

  6. Testbats enables organizations to delegate software testing tasks to a community of software testers.

  7. uTest is the world's largest professional network for software testers and test engineers - 175,000+ QA professionals from more than 200 countries and territories.

  8. TryMyUI enables organizations to crowdsource the usability testing of their UI's.

  9. crowdsprint offers crowdsourced testing for websites and apps.

  10. Provides affordable remote user testing.

  11. QA platform to test web & mobile apps

  12. Mob4Hire provides the mobile marketplace mobile testing services.