1. brainCloud is a ready-made, cloud-based back-end in a box for the development of games, apps and...

  2. Made for the business of mobile app development, Kumulos helps you manage the commercial and technical performance of Apps, so you drive a better outcome for your clients.

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  3. The serverless platform from MongoDB

  4. JavaScript library for app development using cloud services

  5. PowWow Mobile SmartUX Platformis a platform that allow user to leverage existing investments, and to create rich app experiences that dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of mobile development.

  6. Halosys the first mobile API platform company. Dramatically simplify and accelerate enterprises mobile app platform, MBaaS, MEAP, deployment and management.

  7. Apps Panel is a mobile backend-as-a-service enabling developers to manage their mobile development process.

  8. Appacitive is a cloud-based​ software as a service platform for developing highly scalable backends for mobile and rich internet application

  9. Usergrid is an open-source BaaS enabling developers to rapidly build web and/or mobile applications. 

  10. Convertigo offers mobile backend as a service for creating and deploying business mobile applications.

  11. Don't hire engineers! Bubble let's you build an app entirely visually

  12. What Wordpress is to websites, Budibase is to web apps. Budibase is a free and open source web app builder for creating, launching and growing web applications. Budibase eliminates repetition and dramatically reduces development time. Check it out.