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The Paddle Revenue Delivery Platform for B2B SaaS companies powers growth across acquisition, renewals and expansion.

Selling software has evolved in the last decade: taking payments on any screen size or natively in a Mac or Windows app, subscription business models that bring in new complexities... Paddle was built to take on these new challenges head-on.

We are different for 3 reasons: 1) We are a software company, building for other software companies, and are driven by developers, not sales reps or financiers 2) We've built a modern platform that is an actual pleasure to use and manage and doesn't restrict what you can do because it was built decades ago 3) We will grow your revenue because our streamlined checkout converts higher and our promotional tools make it easier to test and scale your marketing ideas

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Paddle Landing Page
Paddle Landing Page

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  • Do software licenses remain activated across all users in a single computer?
    In my case I’m using Paddle to handle licensing for my non-AppStore apps like Lunar. Source: 7 months ago
  • 30 a month for a simple cms is insane
    Also, I would suggest Paddle too — it’s only for digital products, memberships, and stuff like that (unlike Stripe which can be used for way more than that), but it has an all-in-one payment toolbox, so no hassle with setting up and things like that. Just make an initial setup and you are ready to go. Source: 8 months ago
  • Suggested way to receive payments?
    I'm using Paddle. I'm based in EU and Paddle helps with taxes handling. I integrated Paddle with static HTML sites and React&Django. I used monthly/yearly subscription, one-time payments. Their documentation is OK for me - no problem with REST API, webhooks, or checkout overlays. All works. Source: 8 months ago
  • Automate GitHub API Calls With Ruby, Keyboard Maestro, and 1Password CLI
    To do that would require implementing a custom checkout that captures the customer's GitHub username, so I can then pass it on to the Paddle checkout flow. Paddle unfortunately doesn't support adding custom fields to their checkout. - Source: / 9 months ago
  • How to Sell a One-time Purchase in Rails With Stripe
    Stripe isn't the only provider in the online payment space. Paddle is another huge player in the online payment space. Paddle offers a lot of features similar to Stripe, but for a slightly higher fee and an anecdotally worse developer experience. While several other competitors are alternatives to Stripe, the sheer popularity of their products for online payments make them an easy choice. - Source: / 12 months ago
  • Building a business from scratch - day 10
    After finishing the listing, I need to set up the about page (and think of some content) and finally set up the “post a program” page. For the last one, I still need to decide what I will use. I am thinking of Typeform in combination with Stripe, but Paddle is also on my radar. - Source: / about 1 year ago
  • Stripe payment integration
    Have you checked Paddle? They may offer a solution for the above-mentioned issue. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Stripe as a replacement for a traditional DBv
    With this, I experimented with replacing the existing query to store user data within my Postgres database and instead, just create a customer object at the start of the user signup journey. This allowed me to easily store the name and email address, along with additional metadata such as the User ID/Organization ID, from the respective 3rd party service amongst a few other minor reference only data points. The... Source: over 1 year ago
  • What is your development setup (IDE, gems, library, ci/cd etc) for RoR/non-RoR applications development ?
    For processing payments, I'm using Paddle because they handle all aspects of sales tax for you. If you don't know, sales tax is a huge headache. Here's a Twitter thread I wrote about this. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Games which using Paddle Payments?
    Hello, community. Can you please help me in research? Do you know games (mobile, pc, or Web games maybe), which using Paddle payments? It can be any kind of payment, buying subscriptions, items, etc. Maybe you have encountered such? Source: over 1 year ago
  • SaaS apps that ask for billing address and show/collect sales tax, vs those that do not (flat fee for everyone, only asks for card info)
    You might check out paddle. They handle all the international tax issues for you and you then invoice them once (using an invoice they prepare) per month for everything sold. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Ask HN: SaaS operators, who do you use for payments?
    I use for a paid Chrome extension ( The major reason I use Paddle over Stripe is that Paddle deal with all EU VAT and other country specific tax for you which Stripe still don't (as far as I know). If you're a small team or solo, you really don't want to be burdened with the extra admin here and the scope for complicated mistakes. - Source: Hacker News / over 1 year ago
  • Ask HN: Great tools for solo SaaS founders?
    The tools most useful for me as a solo founder: * - Paddle (payments) - selling internationally without having to deal with all the local taxes * - UXWizz (analytics) - built my own private, self-hosted analytics platform that provide everything I need (stats, event tracking, session recordings, heatmaps, a/b tests, etc.) in a single platform that doesn't cost thousands per... - Source: Hacker News / over 1 year ago
  • How & why did SimpleLogin contact me at my custom domain?
    When you originally signed up it automatically created an alias for to process your payment using the alias instead of your real email. only has your alias email. Source: over 1 year ago
  • What's the best SaaS starter kit?
    Paddle is pretty good for payments. Easy to integrate and a great customer experience. - Source: Hacker News / over 1 year ago
  • Verify Webhooks in Ruby on Rails with Public Private Key Crytography
    When we first launched OhMySMTP we chose Paddle as our Payments Provider, primarily because they handle all sales taxes and payment infrastructure globally. One of the things that took longer than it should have was ensuring that alerts (webhooks) received from actually come from Paddle. - Source: / over 1 year ago
  • Would you pay for a good saas boilerplate and if so, how much?
    I would, but prefer Paddle for payments and Java Spring Boot for backend. Source: over 1 year ago
  • How to sell multiple web app "licenses" to one customer?
    Have you looked at Paddle? Their API allows you create and access ‘seats’? I’ve used their API and it’s great, but don’t know if there a more accessible way for a non technical person. Source: over 1 year ago
  • TMM license
    We use as our payment processor. You need to make sure nothing from there is blocked (check your adblock/browser settings). Since handling VAT internationally is complicated as hell, we need to process our payments via a service like Source: almost 2 years ago
  • Will there ever be a way to buy credits by paysafe cards?
    Just curious, but why don't you want to give your credit card number? I'm 90% sure your credit card goes through a website called "paddle" when you purchase credits so you shouldn't worry about that. Source: almost 2 years ago
  • Stripe Delayed Payouts - Anyone Else?
    As for alternatives... I see Paddle come up a lot. Their rates are higher, but from my understanding they take on a more global support with their product. Source: almost 2 years ago

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Would you use Paddle, Chargebee, Chargify, or just Stripe?
You make some very good points for Paddle. Those make sense for a business that is making money and farther down the road. But what about a business that has no revenue and just starting out? Would using something simple like Stripe checkout be better in that case? maybe when I expand to EU I could look at switching to Paddle?

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