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  • [AskJS] Are there any Electron alternatives that uses less recourses?
    If windows is your target, you can use .hta If Ubuntu is your target, you can use GJS If Mac is your target - well you are going to use something like QT if you need total control or - Source: Reddit / 7 days ago
  • Running Node Apps on BrightSign Devices
    BrightSign has pretty good docs that explain this. There are a ton of similarities to running NW.js, so it might make sense to check that out as well ( DM me if you have more questions. My team and I have built a few Node applications for BrightSign players. - Source: Reddit / 14 days ago
  • Is there an app that can run code like a browser but manipulate system files?
    I have used this after trying electron. To me it was much easier having everything in one context instead of doing IPC back and forth. - Source: Reddit / 27 days ago
  • Releasing a Web game onto Steam
    To package the web game into an executable, there are options like Electron, but I prefer NWJS because it creates less bulky executables. - Source: / 2 months ago
  • Hello everyone, what do you think about my Spotify Concept for Windows 11?
    CEFSharp, WebView2, Electron, and other wrappers to hurt native app devs. - Source: Reddit / 4 months ago
  • Go GUI with access to filesystem... Best approach?
    Making electron apps that call cli tools is a popular choice these days. Some of us like to watch the world burn and still use nwjs. - Source: Reddit / 5 months ago
  • Muon: GPU Based Electron on a Diet
    As others have said, Tauri is exactly the same sort of tool, sorry if the mention of Rust threw you off! Some more: - Source: Hacker News / 6 months ago
  • Which one should I go with?
    Games made with web tech can often be "wrapped" as desktop or mobile games, go search for NW.js, Electron), Apache Cordova, for example. As anything in the world, this tech can have downsides, of course. - Source: Reddit / 6 months ago
  • What is nwjs in task manager
    It's a library that let's you build JS desktop apps: - Source: Reddit / 7 months ago
  • Can't get Crosscode to recognize controller input.
    On is guide for me the fix was to download the linux build of nwjs copy all of the files to the crosscode directory (overwrite if asked) then delete the CrossCode executable and rename nw to CrossCode (i'll add here the link to the original guide since it's better). - Source: Reddit / 7 months ago
  • Run a nodeJS file without having node installed
    Https:// lets you just run node scripts as standalone apps. - Source: Reddit / 7 months ago
  • Synology NAS
    Feel free to research the site and the site for an answer to your query. I cant help with this, its not in my area of interest or expertise. - Source: Reddit / 7 months ago
  • Creating completely offline web app
    Electron is 'heavy', but this is basically exactly what it was designed for. Electron has alternatives like Neutralinojs, and NWjs. Alternatively, there is Flutter - it's not exactly what you're asking for, but it is very web like, and would be a very strong candidate for this use case. Pick your poison really. - Source: Reddit / 9 months ago
  • Custom .zshrc .bashrc code to run rpgm games on linux with nwjs.
    I made a command to run any rpgm game with nwjs you just have to enter the folder trough the terminal and digit nwjs. made in .zshrc but I think that it will work in bash too. before puting this command in your .zshrc or .bashrc download nwjs( ) create a folder named nwjs on your home directory (~/) and extract the download nwjs in the folder that you created. - Source: Reddit / 9 months ago
  • 22% GPU usage after leaving game over night.
    Melvor's Steam client is built on NW.js, which renders the webpage at the framerate of your monitor. Webpages aren't cheap to render, and if you have a 144hz monitor, then GPU usage go brrrr. The game also launches with the --disable-raf-throttling --disable-background-timer-throttling flags, which mean that it is always running at full tilt, even when minimized or hidden behind another window. - Source: Reddit / 12 months ago
  • I have millions of users, but no businesses use it
    Look at using to package it as an installable desktop app with no adds and sell it per seat. You're already getting good advice about support and collaboration tools. - Source: Reddit / about 1 year ago
  • Stuck on white screen when play testing
    Try making a completely new project and see if the playtesting issue still occurs. If so, I think the issue is with the nwjs-win-test folder in your RPG Maker install directory. You should be able to fix it by verifying game file integrity (if you're using Steam), or downloading a new nw.js from here and overwriting the files in the nwjs-win-test folder. - Source: Reddit / about 1 year ago
  • Windows10: Computer suddenly slow and scrolling jagged on specific applications
    So far the only thing that I see these apps have in common is that they are using webkit Web Engine. Yes even the apps I made, I made them using NW.JS, a framework that allows you to make desktop apps using web programming(HTML+CSS+JavaScript). Basically it has a webview(that also uses webkit engine) that renders the UI. Also my IDE VScode, is built with Electron, which exactly the kind of framework as NW.JS... - Source: Reddit / about 1 year ago
  • Question about platform preference.
    The easiest packaging to the standalone is literally just taking an folder with nwjs and merging it with the folder containing the game (package.json shold have {"main":"index.html"} to instantly open the proper file). - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Ask HN: What's your favorite framework for making apps (with GUIs) for yourself?
    Even EloctronJS is more popular, I am using [NWJS]( because it is simple and support hiding code (compile code). However, I recently found a solution to hide code in the Electron app ([Bytenote]( - Source: Hacker News / over 1 year ago
  • What is nwjs which got installed alongside postgres?
    Pgadmin4 is a web app, not a native app. They probably use - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago

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Electron Alternatives﹣5 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Desktop Apps
Although it’s the oldest Node.js-Chromium framework in the AppJS, Electron and NW.js trio, it’s not nearly as mature as its competition. Because it has lost its momentum, it may not be the best choice for new projects.
Frameworks & Tools to Develop Cross-Platform Desktop Apps – Best of
Cons: Some hard work features that are available in Electron, such as auto-updater and crash-reporting, don’t comes built-in with NW.js. That said, building with NW.js requires more efforts and extra modules – unlike other solutions.

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