1. Faster Continuous Integration and Deployment with patented auto-parallelization. See results 10 to 80x faster. 14-day free trial.

  2. Autify is a software QA automation platform powered by AI

  3. Apache JMeter™.

  4. SilkTest® is a cost-effective, powerful tool for automated function and regression testing...

  5. App test automation, documentation and learning solution

  6. Perfecto is a cloud-based platform for web, mobile, and IoT software testing.

  7. EarlGrey is a native iOS UI automation test framework that enables you to write clear, concise tests.

  8. Calabash is a software which allows a person to write and utilize automated acceptance tests for mobile applications. The software supports Android and iOS apps for a cross-platform experience. Read more about Calabash.

  9. Mobile QA made easy

  10. Build, test, and monitor usage of your mobile apps

  11. Xamarin Test Cloud is a mobile app testing platform.

  12. BlazeMeter is a self- service performance load testing cloud tool