1. Ready to get organized? Pixifi is the ultimate studio management tool for professionals. Manage clients, events, online booking, appointment scheduling, workshops, payments, invoices, leads, packages and so much more.

  2. PicSpotr is photography studio management software that is designed to help photographers manage, operate & grow their photography business. Visit picspotr.com

  3. Altek Solutions is a business intelligence consulting company specializing in SAP BusinessObjects.

  4. NanoStudio is a recording studio for iOS, OS X and Windows.

  5. With just few clicks you can convert an website URL to an app. We can create an mobile app turning your website intro Android or iOS app.

  6. The React codebase generator.

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  8. Generate Blockstack apps with React

  9. Discreet Security Camera and USB Charger

  10. The brain game that creates creativity

  11. Recess reminds you to take breaks from your computer after a set amount of time.

  12. A stronger brain leads to a better life.