1. Estimate your JIRA, Trello, YouTrack or Pivotal Tracker backlog.

  2. Framework to build and connect intelligent bots.

  3. On demand laundry. Same day service. Flat rates. Inexpensive.

  4. Highly visible locator instantly reveals your mouse position.

  5. A

    A direct job search engine

  6. The Dry Cleaning & Laundry App

  7. keystroke visualizer for Windows, lets you easily display your keystrokes while recording...

  8. Cheaper than plastic, and edible! Reduce single use plastic

  9. A standalone Alexa app for the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch

  10. TR

    Zynga's new battle royale exclusive to Snap Games 👾

  11. i.materialise is an online 3D printing service, community and marketplace.

  12. i

    A marketplace for mock interviews and career advice.