1. HB

    HeroBase is a cloud-based solution that helps sales organizations call leads, prospects or customers as smart and efficiently as possible.

  2. Outfield is the top mobile sales app & CRM software.

  3. Distribution Engine is a lead routing tool for Salesforce. 

  4. Personalized video technology for sales & marketing growth

  5. Decisions on Demand makes complex lead assignment easy in Salesforce

  6. Passage Technology is a business software company that provides awesome, easy to use apps and custom solutions for Salesforce customers.

  7. Handshakez offers a collaboration and analytics platform built for business relationships.

  8. Riva CRM Integration is a CRM and email integration solution.

  9. Docurated is a sales and marketing acceleration platform.

  10. Augment offers a new way to market your products by allowing you to simulate their value as an augmented reality experience.

  11. Manzama provides social media listening and monitoring platforms for service professionals.

  12. Conga is a cloud-based document generation and reporting applications for Salesforce.